The Files – DRIFTER

Documentary, Bulgaria, 2013, 54′
Director – Jordan Jordanov
Screenwriter – Hristo Hristov

Part of the interrogation of the poet and dissident Petar Manolov

Documentary, Bulgaria, 1989, 8′
Released 2012/2013 by Diana Ivanova and Vessela Nozharova


Documentary, Bulgaria, 1988, 43′
Director – Juri Jirov

Two Ways to Dissent​

Documentary, Czech Television, 2017, 26’ Author of the script: Adam Drda
Director: Petr Hátle

The Story of Miluška Havlůjová

Animated film, Post Bellum, 6’40

Writer director: Mikuláš Kroupa, Art director: Jan Svěrák, Visual artist: Toy Box

Four Stories of the Velvet Revolution

Edited version of witness interviews, Post Bellum, 2019, 25′

How We Played the Revolution

Documentary, Lithuania, 2012, 69′
Directed by Giedrė Žickytė

When We Talk About KGB

Documentary, Lithuania, 2015, 73′

Directed by Maxì Dejoie and Virginija Vareikytė

Delta Zoo

Documentary, Lithuania, 2018, 90′
Directed by Audrius Lekavičius

Manfred Krug

Documentary, Germany, 2017, 45′

film by Steffi Schöbel, ZDF History

The Life of Others

Drama, Germany, 2006, 138′
Directed and written by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Back in the Days - Hip Hop and the GDR

Documentary, Germany, 2019, 45′

film by Camilo Rodriguez


Drama, Romania, 2017, 116′
Directed by Jesús del Cerro

Tales from the Golden Age

Omnibus film, Romania, 2009, 138′

Written by Cristian Mungiu

Between Pain and Amen

Drama, Romania, 2019, 125′
Directed by Toma Enache

December 1970: the Memory of the Dead, the Memory of the Living

Documentary, Poland, 2014, 30′

Directed by Ewa Górska

And the Tank Drove in

Documentary, Poland, 1996, 42′
Directed by Iwona Bartólewska

Kwatera Ł

Documentary, Poland, 2013, 45′
Directed by Arkadiusz Gołębiewski