In 1984, the Baltic state of Lithuania, which was still part of the Soviet Union at the time, suffered intense economic and social malaise. The people were increasingly restless. It wasn’t weapons and violence that occupied them, but music. The fight for freedom in the Baltic States that ultimately led to independence is known as the singing revolution.
How We Played the Revolution shows how rock band Antis played a conspicuous role. Antis was founded by a group of architects from Vilnius in 1984 with a single, not very serious goal: to play on New Year’s Eve. However, their colourful theatrical show full of subtle parody and rebellion was a hit and thousands of Lithuanians came to their gigs around the country. The latter felt more and more emboldened. With a keen eye for the complex political situation, director Zickyte reveals the impact Antis had right under the regime’s nose as it permitted the performances in order to make money off them.

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