International exhibition “Secret Room”

The final event presented a unified collection of the recorded theatre performances and the video interviews with participants in the form of various installations exhibits (video-art installations with materials from the workshops and a the youth guide on democracy). The exhibition elicited the messages of PFD and youth to the wilder public. The participants’ reflections on democracy have been disseminated to broader audiences through the video interviews and the exhibition of video installations to provoke a further debate and reflections on the values of contemporary youth and their power to make conscious choices that influence their lives.

In the period 26 April – 25 May 2022, a thematic international exhibition, composed of the audio-visual materials from the participatory phase of the project was placed in Sofia.

The exhibition A Secret Room is a contemporary approach of bringing together documents, videos and results from the workshops of The Price of Freedom and Democracy international project. It focuses on the themes of democracy, the victims of the Socialist regime, and the trauma of transition through the means of verbatim and forum theatre workshops targeted to young people from Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Romania, Lithuania and the Czech Republic.
The exhibition brings to the fore young people’s experience from their encounter with history. They were born and raised in a democracy and have never come into personal contact with the transition period, however, they can still co-experience it from a distance. Today, it seems increasingly urgent to open the door to the recent past and reassess, beyond nostalgia, the privileges earned and the moments missed.
The mobile phone, as the main tool of experiencing reality in the present day, becomes a viewing tool for the exhibition. The QR codes located in the external space of Toplocentrala lead the visitors to videos of the workshop participants from Bulgaria. The small exhibition hall in Toplocentrala transforms into a secret room, where installations with videos from the workshops and performances from partner countries have been placed.