International exhibition “Youth in Action for Democracy”

The final event will present a unified collection of the recorded theatre performances and the video interviews with participants in the form of various installations exhibits (video installations, images, GIFs, e-guide, materials from workshops). The exhibition will elicit the messages of PFD and youth to the wilder public. The participants’ reflections on democracy will be disseminated to broader audiences through the video interviews and the exhibition of video installations to provoke a further debate and reflections on the values of contemporary youth and their power to make conscious choices that influence their lives.

In the period 15 April – 14 May 2022, a thematic international exhibition, composed of the audio-visual materials from the participatory phase of the project will be placed in Sofia.

The exhibition will use the video materials created during the workshops and the performance of the PFD project to create an interactive experience for the audience.The exhibition will combine indoor and outdoor exhibits. The indoor video installation will present video footage, collected from all partner countries. The outdoor video installations will present an Augmented Reality of the past and the present.