Remembrance Cinema and History Tours


The first activity is aimed at informing youth of the exploitations and manipulations of democratic practices of totalitarian regimes and the repressions on dissidents and the intellectual and artistic milieus during these regimes. 

The totalitarian regimes ruled with complete lack of democratic procedures applied subjected censorship and political repression over civil and human liberties. To consolidate their power, the regimes used propaganda and aimed at creating a culture of conformity. Propaganda was used as the social, cultural and artistic promotion of the regime’s ideology and as a tool to manipulate the masses. 

Yet, beneath the surface, a resistive culture was rising in the form of dissident movements that questioned the regime’s doctrine. Dissident secret gatherings conveyed unspoken truths about the regime and enabled pluralist communication between different layers of society. Nevertheless, these resistive movements had a considerable price to pay in order to disseminate democratic values.

During the period 15 March – 14 July 2021 a total of 18 selected films, including discussions with academia and experts, will be screened in Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Czech Republic. Additionally, within these dates, six history tours will be conducted across partner countries. 

The educational activities will contribute to the understanding of the shared European past and stimulate reflections on contemporary civil liberties and an assessment of civil rights and their fragility. The discussions with experts and academia will help participants comprehend and interpret democratic concepts and their meaning for contemporary youth. The history tours will promote local cultural heritage as part of the common European memory and will serve as an authentic experience of the past.