The first voice of Democracy before November 10, 1989. The film that marked the beginning of  change – Breath documents the protest rally of residents of the city of Ruse in Bulgaria, against the gassing of their city by the Chemical Plant in Giurgiu, Romania.  

For the first time in decades, society is openly confronting party functionaries trying to reject their state responsibility. The film became one of the symbols of the changes that will take place in Bulgaria in 1989 and became the occasion for a series of meetings of informal organisations, incriminated by the official authorities.

The documentary film, which was filmed during the demonstration in 1987 in Ruse became a manifesto of the Ruse Committee, officially the Public Committee for Environmental Protection Ruse, established on March 8, 1988, in the House of Cinema after the premiere of the film “Breath”. The Ruse Committee became one of the first organizations for the dissident movement in Bulgaria and a tool to promote civil solidarity.