Second and Third Film Screening, Bulgaria


On 27 May, two screenings were held at the 35th High School in Sofia with students from the 10th and 11th grade. They were part of the educational events of the project. The films screened were authentic part of the interrogation with the writer, dissident Petar Manolov from Jan 1989 and the documentary “The Files – DRIFTER” about the writer and dissident Georgi Markov. After the film screenings, discussions and activities with the students were held. The students engaged in conversation about their human and civil rights, freedom of speech and democracy. Another topic was the repressions of the communist regime on Bulgarian intellectuals and how two dissidents found ways to communicate using different poetical methods. Students from the 11th grade wrote their Acrostics representing their reflections and views on the topics of the project. Students from the 10th grade created a common ground through an open discussion where, together with a historian, they talked about the deprivation of rights and freedoms of authoritarian regimes and the importance of keeping democracy alive and breathing.


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