What we did so far

The last few months were very challenging for us. However, we managed to implement some creative activities with young people across the partner countries.

The second activity explores participatory and NFIL methods and workshops on Forum Theater to recreate the past and to reevaluate the present. The method of Forum Theater, also called Theater of the Oppressed, conveys key values based on the democracy of the entire theatrical and drama process, in which actors take part in the ‘game’, becoming active creators of their own fate, able to question the existing order and act for change.

We implemented 5 theater workshops and performances in the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Germany. By the end of December, similar activities will be held in Romania.


Within Four Walls (PL)

On 25 September, the first Forum Theater performance was held in Krakow. Young participants told a story about a family of dissidents, in which the grandfather was dissident repressed by the government during the times of communism. They showed a situation what women had to be “strong” and take care of families and take over the roles of men. Because of the Covid-19 restrictions, the audience were 30 people who gave their positive feedback on the performance, its story and young people’s talent.


My Greatest Wish (CZ)

The close proximity of Czech Radio’s offices and the August time frame easily defined the topic of the theater workshop, which focused on the fight for freedom. The main theme was the personal courage of those who came to defend the radio building and support the efforts to democratize the country in August 1968.
The theatrical performance was presented by young participants on 17 October 2021.

To Be or not to Be (LT)

The performance was staged on 15 November in Panevėžys. It was inspired by the classical play of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and as an analysis of the broken human soul. On the other side of the Iron Curtain, Shakespeare’s literature and plays were a way to send secret messages about Soviet society to theater audiences. The performance re-enacted the process of how a theater performance was being created in the past and what kind of secret messages it can convey, and the drama way theater directors symbolically addressed forbidden issues.


What democracy means for me? (DE)

6 young people devoted themselves for 5 days of workshops, crafting and performing Forum theater performance “What democracy means for me?” in Berlin on 21 November. Scenes revolved around daily social situations and created characters illustrated personas that most strongly experience diversity in democratic society. In performance, audience could witness the absurdity of some bureaucratic realities, explore power positions, rethink of family structures

The End of the Song (BG)

On 28 November the performance was staged in Sofia. It was a result of a five-day workshop focused on raising awareness on the act of remembrance and on reflecting on the meaning of youth participation in addressing the rights and responsibilities connected to democracy and civil rights.The performance was inspired by real stories of repressed people during the Soviet era in Bulgaria. The participants performed a “role play” containing demonstrations of the social and political obstacles that these people were facing.


What we will do in the next month

Forum Theater workshop and performance will be held in Timisoara, Romania by the end of December.
Then, we will come back to you with more details on our final event – International Exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria.

What are the events

Event 4: International exhibition -Youth in Action for Democracy to elicit the PFD’s messages to the wider public and the perceptions of youth on democracy.

Who are the project partners?