On the 28th of November we have staged the performance The End of the Song at the I AM STUDIO in Sofia, Bulgaria. The performance was a result of a five-day workshop focused on raising awareness on the act of remembrance and on reflecting on the meaning of youth participation in addressing the rights and responsibilities connected to democracy and civil rights.

The performance was inspired by real stories of repressed people during the Soviet era in Bulgaria. The participants performed a “role play” containing demonstrations of the social and political obstacles that these people were facing. The participants in the workshop conducted interviews with random passerby on the streets of Sofia and learned of the lives and dreams of these people.

Through Verbatim techniques, the young participants in the performance placed themselves in the oppressed characters that they played and, in this way, dealt and experienced the hard and soft repressions imposed on them. Through the gathered interviews, the participants enriched a sense of empathy and awareness of the way life was during Soviet times and reenacted the dreams and values of those people and times.