Remembrance Cinema and History Tours

What we did so far

The first activity is aimed at informing youth of the exploitations and manipulations of democratic practices of totalitarian regimes and the repressions on dissidents and the intellectual and artistic milieus during these regimes.

We implemented 8 film screenings in four countries and 1 history tour in the Czech republic. More than 200 young people learnt more about the resistive culture and dissident movements during the totalitarian regimes in their countries.

The Film Collection


We have collected 18 films dedicated to dissidents and resistance movements, which depicts the price paid by our communities to gain today’s freedom and ensure democracy in our national states.

In the collection, you will find documentaries from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Romania and Poland.

The film descriptions are available on the project website:

What we will do for the next month

Other 10 film screenings and discussions on the communist times and resistance movements will be organised by 14 July. Young people from Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Romania and Poland will be invited on specially-designed history tours in the incoming weeks.

What are the next events?

Event 2:

Workshops on Forum Theatre to directly engage young EU citizens in re-enacting the past and in fostering actions to promote democracy and active citizenship.

Event 3:

Forum Theatre performances to recreate the past and to develop a sense of empathy and awareness to act for social change.

Event 4:

International exhibition -Youth in Action for Democracy to elicit the PFD’s messages to the wider public and the perceptions of youth on democracy.

Who are the project partners?