For the first film, we chose a well-known art film The Lives of Others to attract more attention to the project and allow for a more sophisticated cinema experience. Although the film is over two hours long, it is a fascinating story that gives a better insight into the glory and misery of the DDR. A dramatic masterpiece with a superb cast that manages to move and leave a lasting impression.
Set in East Berlin in 1984, shortly before the fall of the Wall, the story follows a secret police agent who spies on other people’s lives – perhaps not unusual in today’s world, if you think about it. Immersion in the lives of others – in love, literature, free thought and speech – makes Wiesler acutely aware of the insignificance of his own existence and opens up a whole new way of life that he finds increasingly difficult to resist. But once a system is set in motion, it cannot be stopped.
We chose a symbolic location and screened the film on a brick wall that recalls the most brutal element of Berlin’s history in the context of its division and the presence of the DDR. The audience could find a place in the garden, but could also watch from the windows and balconies of neighbouring houses. The screening, held on 19 June, was attended by both young and elderly people and created a meeting of the generations and bridged the time gap between. The screening was attended by both young and older people and brought generations together and bridged the time gap between.